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January 15, 2011

Great Expectations

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Long time no blog. Since 9/11/10, we’ve had a turnover in command, a record breaking Canandaigua Christkindl Market, a stellar Festival of Trees and a much needed week off between Christmas and New Years.

The calls are starting to come in about carriage rides for weddings both here and at Sonnenberg Gardens. Many of our carriages have been refurnished. I found this great blog by a company that disassembles worn carriages and rebuilds them using as many of the original parts as they can. They do use modern tools such as orbital sanders, but the results are stunning. The blog that this link will take you to shows a Park Drag being brought back to life.

Here is OUR Park Drag 

For those of us that have a long drive to the Homestead, the record amount of show that we’ve received has been tiresome. It can’t be any better for sleigh rides. We’ve had great publicity this year and people love coming out for this unique experience. Here are some photos of last weekend’s sleigh rides.


 We’re thinking spring and are working on a series of gardening classes. It only makes sense since this was a working farm for many years. Our new education director, Kim Bellavia, is putting this great course together and should be finalizing it next week.

It seems like we here at the Homestead are always about a month behind other organizations when it comes to listing our programs. It may be because October, November and December are so busy for us with the preparation and running our two biggest fundraisers. Kim has some great ideas, so keep an eye out for them. My father had this wall hanging with the saying “Next year I’ll get organized”. We can strive for that.

If there are any classes that you’d like to see us offer, please leave us a comment. Stay warm and come on over for a $5 sleigh ride.


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