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September 11, 2010

To Garnish or not to Garnish

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I served a group of Red Hat people a lovely plate of sweets and savories for the Tea at the Homestead yesterday. We have beautiful bone china, I put a white doily on the plate and a chocolate covered strawberry in the center. There were four kinds of sandwiches, a lemon square, two cookies and a scone. My co-worker and I looked at the plates and decided it needed a little more color. She said “parsley”. We didn’t have any, so we served them as is.

I know it isn’t very expensive, but in this day of budget crunches, is it necessary to spend extra on the garnish that no one will eat? It seems wasteful in a several ways.

Will that little bit of greenery make one of the ladies that attended the tea want to bring her grand-daughter here at another time, or will she the meal disappear from her mind because of its uniform color.

Do the ladies think we are cheap for not having it on their plate? They ate everything except the doily.

This time of year and in the summer I can go to our garden and pick flowers to put on the plate as garnish. But, then do I have the liability if someone is allergic to the flowers, eats them and goes into anaphylactic shock? We had someone try to eat the paper mache petit fours at one event here. Yes, alcohol was involved.

The amazing caterer that is here tonight, Anne Stevenson of Touch of Class Catering uses fresh herbs from her garden for garnish. She says it does make the plate more elegant, and she is right as all her serving platters look phenomenal.

What’s your take on this? Am I being cheap, or safe.

Lonna Cosmano


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