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June 26, 2010

A Sad, Sad Love Story

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Written by Carla DeMeco, good friend and Docent for the Homestead

In Victorian days, if a woman was widowed young, it was the duty of her daughters to give up their lives and take care of Mother. The two daughters of Isaphine Granger, named Antoinette and Isaphine (for her mother) were good, dutiful ladies who did what was expected of them. Neither ever married. They spent their lives doing good works for their town and taking care of Mother.

Two sister

Antoinette and Isaphine Granger

The older sister, Antoinette, met a gentleman from Boston who wanted to marry her. His name was Phillips Brooks. Brooks was a theologian. He would become world famous as a speaker and writer. He wrote the words to ‘Oh Little Town of Bethlehem’.

Antoinette had to tell him “I can’t marry you, I have to take care of Mother.”

There are bookcases in the library. If you look in the second row from the window, you will see all of Phillips Brooks books. These books belonged to the family, so it is likely that Antoinette followed Phillips career.

She kept his photograph on her bedroom wall until she died at age 77.

Today, that photograph in the upstairs hall.


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