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June 10, 2010

Hadley, our four legged employee

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Bonny Kelly works in our Gift Shop with Hadley, her Golden Lab. Hadley is in training to be a guide for the blind. He a laid back pup with expressive eye who greets everyone with a kiss. I watched him go down the old, steep wooden staircase yesterday and his hind legs skated down swiveling back and forth but he kept close to Bonny.

Nick was here last year with Bonny. He was a friendly dog, much larger than Hadley. I remember the first day Nick was here. Bonny put his fleece bed on the floor with some toys and he was very content – until a squirrel ran across the door yard and he took off. The bed was moved away from the door and all was fine for the rest of the season.

Hadley came here in November when Bonny helped out with the Festival of Trees. He was just a cuddly bundle of puppy that slept most of the time in a cage. He has gotten larger, but his adorable personality still shows.

The Victor Post wrote and article about Bonny and Hadley.

We hope Bonny and her wonderful dogs stay with us for a long time. They are both a great addition to the Granger family.


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